The purpose of ‘Dial The Lobster’ is to get a conversation going about art and its purpose and meaning in our everyday lives. We tend to talk about art only when we’re visiting a gallery (often as a tourist) but art doesn’t exist in a vacuum- it relates to all kinds of things: philosophy, pop culture, news, health, religion, psychology, science, etc. Art is often sidelined as a topic of conversation, but it’s time to get talking about it again. It has a lot of wisdom to offer in and of itself, but it can also allow us deeper insights into the things that we chat about and think about every day. My hope is that this blog inspires people to rethink the role of art in their lives. As worthy as this idea sounds, please be aware that some of the time I might just blather on like a raving lunatic, and if that happens, please forgive me.

About me: I am slightly qualified to write this blog. I have a PHD in Art History, and am now a teacher 🙂 I still love art and love writing about art, as you can tell 🙂