Yoga and Art for Difficult Mornings.

by milk and honey beauty

Yoga of Art

Mornings suck. We are often tired and groggy from lack of sleep; confused and worried about the day ahead. How can yoga and art help counteract the new day blues?

The balm for strung-out nerves and/or that urge to hit the snooze button for the fifteenth time, is Vermeer’s “Young Woman With A Water Pitcher.”

young woman with a water pitcher

This is the picture to have beside your alarm clock. Vermeer is a genius at capturing the beauty of ordinariness and work. A young Dutch servant greets a new day, pausing from her duties for a moment to crack open the window and…who knows? Is she looking for someone? Or just enjoying a morning breeze? It doesn’t really matter…what matters is that this painting puts us in the right frame of mind for getting the most out of our day. It’s a celebration of light, morning ritual (we can assume she is setting up the water bowl for her master and mistress to wash in)  as well as…

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